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Peter, Carla and Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new book The Giveback Economy, social enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship, community bonds, and why fulfillment has to be about more than money.


Peter Miller was a banker; started six businesses; taught college entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and marketing; and has facilitated workshops and coaching for unemployed/underemployed and summer company students. He now is a strategic advisor and social enterprise coach, and has helped more than 720 start-ups and 20 social enterprises.

Carla Langhorst firmly believes that doing good business includes doing good. After receiving an MBA from the University of British Columbia she launched a social enterprise in 2009, hiring marginalized people, and is the co-founder of an e-learning organization that has helped over 100,000 small-business owners. She currently works as a consultant for both social enterprises and non-profits.

For more information about the book head here.