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David Taylor and Face2Face host David Peck talk about the arts as a gift for everyone, Bono and U2, beauty and desire, a history of doubt, vehicles for Grace and why donuts are an uncomplicated food group.

And check out this short film as it documents the friendship between Bono and Eugene Peterson (author of contemporary-language Bible translation The Message) revolving around their common interest in the Psalms. Based on interviews conducted by David Taylor and produced in association with Fourth Line Films, the film highlights a conversation on the Psalms that took place between Bono, Peterson, and Taylor at Peterson’s Montana home.


David O. Taylor, assistant professor of theology and culture at Fuller, is the author of The Theater of God’s Glory and of the forthcoming books, Glimpses of the New Creation: Worship and the Formative Power of the Arts (Eerdmans, 2019) and Honest to God: The Psalms and the Life of Faith (Thomas Nelson, 2019).

He is also editor of For the Beauty of the Church(Baker, 2010)and Contemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation between Two Worlds IVP Academic, 2017).He has published articles in The Washington Post, Image Journal, Books & Culture, and Christianity Today, among others.

An Anglican priest, he has lectured widely on the arts, from Thailand to South Africa. In 2016 he produced a short film on the psalms with Bono and Eugene Peterson. He lives in Houston with his family.

He tweets @wdavidotaylor and you can find out more about David here.

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Image Copyright: David Taylor. Used with permission.

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With thanks to producer Josh Snethlage and Mixed Media Sound.