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Bob Logan and Face2Face host David Peck talk about the new play Copenhagen, complementarity, futurism, science for peace, wisdom over knowledge and having lunch with Neils Bohr.

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Two tiny particles colliding can cause a nuclear reaction. It is 1941, nations race to perfect The Bomb, and two scientists meet in occupied Denmark for a conversation that will change the course of history. Copenhagen is a story of language, spoken and unspoken, and heard and unheard. An individual speaks to not only connect to another person, but to know where they stand in their relationship to reality; to experiment and test the boundaries of where they end and where the universe begins. In the language of quantum physics, we divide an atom into smaller and smaller pieces to get to its core – the sub-atomic world. Michael Frayn (Noises OffDemocracy) invites us to bear witness to the ultimate ethical impasse.


Bob is the physics Consultant for the Soulppeer production of Copenhagen and is Prof. Emeritus – Dept. of Physics & the School of the Environment and a Fellow of St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. He is also the Chief Scientist of the sLab at OCAD Univ. He taught the Poetry of Physics and Physics of Poetry course at U of T. He once had lunch with Niels Bohr when he was a student at MIT and collaborated and co-authored a book with Marshal McLuhan.

He was also active in the business world operating a computer training company 1982-2000 and a web development company from 1994 to 2000 through which he did extensive consulting in knowledge management. He was active in politics from1974 to date.

He has served as an advisor to PM Pierre Eliot Trudeau, policy chair of the Ontario wing of the federal Liberal Party and an advisor to various federal cabinet ministers.

He is also an author or editor of 12 books and many articles in refereed journals. He is currently engaged in consulting in the electricity sector as an associate of Elenchus Consulting. He continues to teach The Poetry of Physics at the U. of Toronto where he is Prof. Emeritus. In June 2011, he was presented with the Walter J. Ong Award for Career Achievement in Scholarship by the Media Ecology Association.

Photo Credit: Daniel Malavasi 

Image Copyright: Daniel Malavasi and Soulpepper theatre. Used with permission.

Music Copyright: David Peck and Face2Face. Used with permission.

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With thanks to Josh Snethlage and Mixed Media Sound.