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Matthew O’Connor and Minnie Lane and Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film The Pick Up Game, love, loneliness and money, relationships and empathy, self doubt and fear of rejection and why you shouldn’t bubble wrap your heart.


The Pickup Game is an inside look at the emergence of the ‘pickup’ industry – an business where self-styled seduction coaches travel the world, charging a small fortune to teach men skills they claim will guarantee success with women.

For the instructors who are successful, it is a highly lucrative occupation, with many companies earning millions of dollars a year. It is also an industry rife with controversy and scandal. Several teachers have been deported from countries for their contentious methodologies and pickup businesses are often the subject of fierce public criticism. Despite this, men the world over collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars to attend seminars, download online courses and have one-on-one coaching sessions with instructors they feel can give them the dating life of their dreams. In the minds of students, many of these instructors become more than just teachers. They become idols.

From the glossy exterior, where courses are packaged as self-improvement, to the dark underbelly of sexual assault, pyramid scheme marketing and secret collusion The Pickup Game pulls back the curtain to reveal a world that is fascinating and horrific in equal measure.

About the Guests:

Brothers Matthew and Barnaby O’Connor have been co-directing since they started making films together over a decade ago.

In their time as a partnership, they have directed several music videos, numerous commercials and one previous feature documentary “California High”. Released in April 2016, California High went on to become a hit on pay per view platforms, peaking at number 5 in the iTunes top ten documentary charts in June 2016.

Following a childhood spent largely in rural Kenya, East Africa, they now work out of London, England. Their aim is to make thought-provoking, bold films that inspire discussion.

Minnie Lane is a dating and personal development coach for men based in London. Her one on one coaching focuses on developing true attraction and genuine connections with others through honesty, integrity and self-development. Her work draws on training and qualifications in psychology and communication, yoga, meditation and life coaching.

She covers a range of dating skills including conversation, body language, confidence, self-esteem, approaching and deep connection.

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