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Andrea Hummel and Face2Face host David Peck talk about cultural diversity, political correctness, policy over practice, trauma and safe space, empathy and understanding and why being a hermit might not be a great idea.

Improve for Peace is a group that helps organizations, communities and professionals actively resolve miscommunication. Participants re-script their past via experiential learning. They use guided improvisations to do in a workshop setting what they can’t always do in real life. We provide opportunities for participatory community reconciliation. We help heal the psychic wounds of people and groups historically in conflict. We don’t take sides.

About our Guest:

Andrea Hummel is trained in cultural anthropology with a Masters from American University (Washington, DC) and additional studies in refugee affairs and linguistics. In 1991 she founded a consulting firm specializing in cultural diversity and provided trainings, cultural needs assessments and human relations consulting.  She taught on the adjunct faculty of the University of Florida and Manatee Community College.

Initially her focus was on preventing conflict (via cultural understanding); now it is on resolving conflict (via improvisations).  She is the developer of the cutting-edge Improv for Peace method for helping individuals and communities improve empathy and create alternate endings to historical and current conflicts.

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