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Klaudia Reynicke Barbara Giordano and Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film Love Me Tender, anti-superheroes, mental health issues, agoraphobia, connecting with others and the sometime difficult journeys we all seem to take.


The daily life of a 32-year-old woman suffering from agoraphobia, SECONDA, suddenly changes when her mother dies and her father abandons her. Alone and unable to leave her home, she clings to the phone messages of a snarling bailiff who one day stops calling. Unable to end her life, she offers a deal to SANTO, a bottle picker: she will give him her house in exchange for her own murder. Santo runs away, leaving Seconda alone in her despair.

The only link she has left with the outside world is the repetitive and disconcerting visit of a little girl who attacks her from the outside, pushing her to the limit.

In order to feel protected, Seconda wears her blue suit and goes out, walking in the streets of her city in search of her freedom, until she confronts her own demons that she will have to face.

A tough and determined anti-super heroine, she will achieve this with her own resources.

About the Director and Cast:

Klaudia Reynicke is a Swiss Peruvian scriptwriter and film director. Before dedicating herself to film, she studied visual arts and sociology. In 2005 she attended the Tisch School of Arts at the NY University where she directed her first short. Later, her encounter with the Swiss director Jacqueline Veuve whom she assisted during 2006, confirmed her desire to become a film director herself.

In 2010 she obtained a M.A. in filmmaking from the ECAL-HEAD. Love Me Tender is her 2nd feature film.

Barbara Giordano studied at the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art. She made her debut at the age of 15 as a protagonist at the Teatro Stabile in Catania in I Beati Paoli directed by G. Di Pasquale. Before being the protagonist of Love Me Tender she starred in Meraviglioso Boccaccio by the Fratelli Taviani. She has been a prominent TV and theatre actor since 12994.

Her mother was well-known actress Mariella Lo Giudice. At the age of 18 she moved from her native Sicily to Rome where she still lives.

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