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Eric talks a great deal about being an artist, self publishing and what it means to make a difference and whether or not comics can change the world and why stories matters.

Eric Kim began his career in comics with Oni Press. He also illustrated Degrassi: The Next Generation Vol. 3, created the comic strip series Battle Academy, The Sidesteppers (which appeared in Owl Magazine), Streta (which was showcased on TX Comics) and The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare, a self-published endeavour. Future projects include the forthcoming Billy Smoke with B. Clay Moore, to be published by Oni Press.

Eric has also been teaching youths and teens for the past few years with his other project, Manga Dojo. There, he teaches students how to create stories and comics, as well as some basics of self-publishing. The group has produced a small handful of self-produced anthologies, and continues to
create their own work.

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