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Listen in to this week’s podcast as Grace tells us about giving back and serving others. She talks about recognizing opportunities that we think are not possible, why all CEO’s should be entrepreneurs and how hope is mindset. You will be challenged and you will be encouraged. Grace has a delightful edge to her that is reminiscent of her advice. “Full out compassion. Full out competence. Full out courage.”

As the creator of e-Spot and CEO of enSpire Coaching Inc., she has blended her formal education in economics and psychology, her MBA, and professional experience  in strategy and marketing with her passion for service and cultivating community. Grace has created a community of business owners and executives who are hungry for improved confidence and competence as leaders. She is a trained coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), she has participated in the development and enlightenment of countless entrepreneurs and executives. In addition to hundreds of entrepreneurs whom Grace had worked with, she has also an impressive range of larger organizations in her client roster. Over the 20 years of acquired business acumen, experiences and education, Grace has become one of the foremost businesswomen, thinkers and authors of our generation. When she isn’t leading and developing her own business or helping others do the same, Grace’s community service, inspiration and philanthropy takes her around Oakville and around the world. One of Grace’s greatest joys is writing a blog called The Daily Grace every weekday (which has a 500+ person readership) and helping in charitable organizations with a focus on children, art, leadership or global water sustainability. Last year, she volunteered on a missionary trip to Uganda, helping to install a freshwater harvesting water system into the maternity ward of a community hospital. With their home in Oakville, Ontario, Grace is a dedicated partner to Michael, is a mom of 3 teenagers and is known