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We talk in this interview about Khushboo’s and Vinay’s new brilliant film “An Insignificant Man”, about social and political change and why India is a “very ambitious project”. We touch on inequality, hope and why these two young directors want to change the world.

TIFF Runs from: September 8th – September 18th, 2016

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Khushboo Ranka

Khushboo Ranka was born in Mumbai and studied documentary filmmaking at Goldsmith’s College in London. She has directed the short film Continuum (06) and co-wrote Ship of Theseus (12), which screened at the Festival. An Insignificant Man (16) is her first documentary feature.

Vinay Shukla

Vinay Shukla was born in Raipur, India and studied at Mumbai University. He has directed the short film Bureaucracy Sonata (11).An Insignificant Man (16) is his first documentary feature.