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Listen in today to a friend and one of my former professors talk about some interesting things. We talk sex, gender, and pornography. Jean has plenty to say about how we use labels and often don’t understand them, respect for other people, and what we need to do with hypocrisy.


Jean Saindon, Ph.D., is a retired professor of philosophy and science at York University in Toronto. His areas of research and interest include (in philosophy) argumentation, critical thinking, applied ethics, and epistemology; (in science) the history and philosophy of science, most recently evolution and genetics, the social and ethical implications of science, and the interrelationship of science and religion; (in sociology and philosophy) sexuality and gender.

He is currently exploring the application of neuroscience and cognitive science for student learning and the implications of these for the theories and teaching of critical thinking.

In addition to his academic work, Jean was Director of Training and Development for a management consulting firm, where he specialized in policy analysis, negotiations training and conflict management, interpersonal communication and group skills and equity issues.

He has published a book with Peter John Krek on argumentation theory called Critical Thinking now in it’s second printing.