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Join me in this rare and exciting interview with one of Canada’s freshest and brightest writers. Julia talks about being a “ripe new radical”, how stories are the “equipment for living”, why her dinner table is so important to her and how her heroes journey’s have changed her life.

Julia Moulden is a playful and seriously creative writer and content producer. She’s a public speaker, innovator and change maker. She loves life and is someone that you should pay more attention to. Her book We Are The New Radicals is one of my all time favourite reads.

Julia says, “I trace my entire career to our family’s dinner table. Mahogany, yellow walls, my mother’s tea biscuits – and talk. Stories, ideas, badinage, laughter, and singing (especially my dad and especially “Easter Parade”. Those suppers inspired joie de vivre, and taught me many things, curiosity chief among them. At 17, I pushed off, eager for adventure. We’d already lived in Europe and I longed to see the world. And to learn the writer’s craft.

Forty years on? I’ve visited five continents, learned a smattering of languages, and called the U.S., Mexico, and Canada home. Three books bear my name, as do countless articles. And many of my clients – cabinet ministers, CEOs, and celebrities – have been with me for years.

Of course, I have my own table now. From here, I venture out into the world, observing, listening, talking. And it’s to this place I return to write in longhand, connecting the dots and sharing what I see. More than anything, I have come to believe we are all extraordinary and that my work is to help us unleash our potential and connect us to one another. Every time I take to the stage, write a book, or create content for a client, a powerful idea guides me, ‘See how far you can go?’ This phrase, both query and encouragement, applies to you and me, too. As my friends and family know well, I feel like I’m just getting started. And I can’t wait to see how far I can go.”

Her books include:

Green is the New Gold

We Are The New Radicals


For more info visit her website: