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Kathy Kortes-Miller and I talk about her new book Talking About Death Wont Kill You, the death trade, access to true choice, meaning making, death education, anxiety and literacy, and living life to the fullest.
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Kathy thinks about dying and death a lot. She knows it helps her to embrace life full on. She is an unconventional death educator with a passion for palliative care and improving the end of life care for all.
Kathy has been teaching and researching at Lakehead University for over a decade inspiring and challenging the future healthcare providers of tomorrow to be prepared to care for individuals who are dying and their families in all healthcare settings. She leverages her experiences as a cancer survivor and as a palliative care provider to challenge us to have the important conversations about dying, death and life.
Kathy strives to make an impact with her teaching, research and speaking to discover, share and communicate the information that we are all “dying to know.”