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Dr. Swingle and I talk about her new book i-Minds, the digital divide, facial cues, the danger of unmitigated access and directional versus correctional therapies.

Read more about her book i-Minds here and if you’d like to purchase it you can do that here.


Dr. Mari Swingle, or Dr. Mari as she tends to be referred to at the Swingle Clinic brings to the clinic extensive experience from both the world of Education and Clinical Psychology. Prior to the founding of Swingle Clinic, in 1997, Dr. Mari worked extensively in curriculum development, language learning, and the exploration of learning modalities to assist with accelerated as well as remedial learning.

Currently she works with a wide range of neurophysiological ailments; her specialty lying with children and families experiencing behavioral and learning difficulties including but not limited to, dyslexia, processing, written output, speech and auditory disorders. Dr. Mari Swingle also frequently works with the dynamics that arise in families with a child experiencing learning and or behavioral challenges including parental fatigue, depression, anxiety, addictions, and couple/parental dynamics.

This includes family counseling and couples therapy. Dr. Mari Swingle is a Board-Certified Neurotherapist since 2000. She has Level Two Certification in EMDR, EFT, and Level One Craniosacral Therapy.