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Check out today’s release as Nada talks about crazy ideas, wanting to give back, making a difference and changing the world. She is a Lebanese woman, born in Dakar and raised in Nigeria working with children in Sierra Leone. Nada is focusing on supporting kids by providing them with shoes, backpacks and food supplies where needed.


The Smiling Hearts Foundation was established in 2011 by Nada Taan Mackie. She was reading a magazine article about an individual who went to South America and decided to give out shoes to impoverished children. It made Nada realize that the children in her community in Sierra Leone are in the same need as the children the man in the article was helping. She made the decision to start something and the children in her community.

Nada Taan Mackie is a native African, who has lived in West Africa for most of her life. She was born and raised in Nigeria. When she moved to Lebanon for school, she met her husband and moved to Freetown, Sierra Leone. They have been living there for 16 years.

The smiling faces of the children we have helped inspired not only the name of the organization, but also our continued commitment to the improvement of those lives most precious to the future of Sierra Leone. This is why we have been making a special effort to reach out to schoolhouses and hospitals, providing care where children need it most.

Smiling Hearts is more than a charity. The children we help are not viewed as a project, rather a part of the team to better the lives of the community as a whole. The team at Smiling Hearts believes that we must work together to improve our surroundings and that starts with the children of our community. Inspiration is drawn from the people, family and friends of our community.