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Nick and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film Having Our Baby, misconceptions about surrogacy, reproductive tourism, laws and technology, test tube babies, and celebrating life.

More about the film here.


Having Our Baby: The Surrogacy Boom, follows Edmonton couple Sarah and Jason Geisler and surrogate Heather Chaput, and Montreal couple Phillipe Robert and Phillipe Malo and Woodstock, Ontario surrogate Eilise Marten, as they navigate the many challenges of surrogate parenting.

The film traces the steps these couples go through to connect with a surrogate mother, from first meeting (“it was a little like online dating”, one confides) through pregnancy and birth. The film also travels to the UK to hear Britain’s first commercial surrogate mother relate the high-profile public controversy she endured, and to India, where the practice of Indian women acting as surrogates for First World couples has become a contentious political issue involving charges of colonialism, mistreatment and exploitation.

Having Our Baby ranges far and wide getting expert opinion and insight on all aspects of surrogate parenting from specialists in the field including fertility counsellors and those operating fertility clinics, lawyers, medical ethicists, academics, psychologists, politicians, journalists, a group of Canadian surrogate mothers…and a vocal opponent of surrogacy.


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