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Promod Sharma

face2face with David Peck


Promod is the king of understatement. Listen in as he tells us about trust and why we no longer have to rely on the “experts”, why in sports “doublethink” is essential to winning and why he believes that we measure what’s simple not necessarily what’s important.


Promod (“pro-MODE”) is the actuary at the Taxevity Insurance Advisory where he helps people understand their financial risks and bridge gaps in their protection.

Promod previously developed life/heath products for major insurers and supported the advisors who sold them. In 2007, he started the Riscario Insider blog to help the public directly. Readers started asking for personal guidance, which lead the launch of Taxevity in 2009. This family business was nominated for a 2011 Business Excellence Award from the Toronto Board of Trade and Enterprise Toronto.

Promod has given presentations across Canada. He spoke about social justice and corporate profits at the inaugural Global Change initiative. He recently launched Tea At Taxevity to interview people who make life better — starting with David as the first guest.

You’ll find more details on LinkedIn.