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A once in a lifetime interview with a Cambodian who survived 30 years of war, starvation and genocide. He is currently a guide at the Siem Reap war museum in Siem Reap Cambodia. Listen to his moving and compelling story. Join Face2Face as he talks openly about his family, his desire to tell the truth and what it felt like to meet his mother again after having been separated by civil war for so many years.

Soun is a 51 year old man that spent several years serving in the national Cambodian army as well as the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s. He lives in Siem Reap Cambodia and spends his days at the museum telling visitors his story. He is a survivor of two civil wars, losing his leg to a landmine during the Khmer Rouge period. Soun is a passionate and committed man who wants to make a difference. Please visit him if you find yourselves travelling through Cambodia.