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Michelle Smith and I talk about authenticity, truth and transparency and the new film she stars in called Best and Most Beautiful Things. We’re also joined by some of the film team, Jeff Consiglio, Ariana Garfinkel and Jordan Salvatoriello and we chat about notions of the other, playing with you senses and that there are not just two types of people in the world.


Off a dirt road in rural Maine, a precocious 20-year-old woman named Michelle Smith lives with her mother Julie. Michelle is quirky and charming, legally blind and diagnosed on the autism spectrum, with big dreams and varied passions.

Searching for connection, Michelle explores love and empowerment outside the limits of “normal” through a provocative fringe community. Will she take the leap to experience the wide world for herself?

Michelle’s joyful story of self-discovery celebrates outcasts everywhere.

Read more about the film here.