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Listen in as Ieva pronounced (Yeva) talks about her passion for the environment, social justice and empowering women. She tells us more about what she believes to be the best ways to empower families around the world, the danger of dependency syndrome and why is it that men still run the world.


A young Indian boy once asked me, in a tremulous voice, where I am coming from. “Well, I am from a small, very green country called Latvia. It is in Northeast Europe”, I answered him. The kid looked at me with his big, brown eyes more puzzled then before. Then he turned to me with a big smile and said: “Huh? No matter, are you ready to play now?”

Ieva is an ambitious, enthusiastic, multilingual International Business & Economics double degree postgraduate with extensive practical and academic experience in European, Indian and North/West African business environments.

She specializes in management skills and enthusiasm, strong interpersonal skills, liaising with the public, efficiency. And is a keen world explorer, social project developer, loves innovation and inspiring stories and is always keen to discover new lands and horizons.

She writes about her experiences on her blog.