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Today’s conversation is about thinking local, acting municipally and global change. Robert talks about a “space for alternatives”, his own approach to the environment and a “transportation solution” and why altering the chemistry of our planet is essential to our future.


Rob Shirkey is a recognized global authority on the subject of climate change warnings on gas pump nozzles. He has given lectures on the topic across Canada and has been featured in media all over the world.

Rob is a lawyer from Toronto, Canada. Prior to founding Our Horizon and launching its globally unprecedented campaign, Rob operated a private practice in downtown Toronto. He also has experience as an Assistant City Solicitor and Prosecutor. Before completing his law degree, Rob studied business, economics, and psychology at the undergraduate level. He graduated with distinction and was the university valedictorian.

Rob’s talks draw on the latest in climate change research. He gathers insights from psychology, sociology, economic theory, behavioural economics, business, law and municipal politics to build the case for demand-side, local action on climate change. His trial experience as a lawyer and his playful sense of humour makes him a compelling and entertaining speaker.