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John talks about being a charitable banker, what it means to be literate from a charitable perspective and why Canadians are generous when they’re asked and what it means to create a culture of giving.


John Bromley has dedicated his career to facilitating benevolence. The founder of three leading, innovative businesses in the charitable sector, he divides his time between working on material matters of charity (providing strategic advice about financing and organizational structure to local, national and international charities, foundations, non-profits, private and public companies), and developing web-based platforms that encourage mass awareness of and participation in the charitable sector.

John grew up with charity at the core of his family’s values. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and gaining experience in corporate finance with RBC Capital Markets and PricewaterhouseCoopers, he steered his entrepreneurial inclinations toward the charitable sector, partnering with his father, charity lawyer Blake Bromley, to found Benefic Group. The internationally recognized firm provides expert counsel in charity related law, finance, strategy and policy in Canada and beyond. Benefic has provided strategic and legal advice for hundreds of charities, foundations, governments, non-profits and for-profits, and has worked with donors to arrange billions of dollars in giving.

As his work with Benefic exposed him to the struggle charities face in dividing their limited resources between cause-related work and administration, John began to shift his focus toward the application of technological solutions to financial constraints in the charitable sector. He launched Peer Giving to help charities engage the public and raise awareness and support by sharing their stories online.

Then he turned to the other side of the equation, and set to working on a solution that makes it easier for people and corporations to be charitable. He founded Chimp to make strategic and social giving more accessible by way of an online bank account that’s just for charity.

John’s innovative thinking about how we use technology, social media and internet culture to change the way people interact with, transact with and learn about charity has made him a thought leader in the charitable sector, and a sought-after advisor and speaker around the world.
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