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Delayne talks about the gold mining, a better future for the extractive sector, social change, an ecology of commerce and making a difference in Cambodia.


Delayne Weeks was born and raised in rural northern Alberta, Canada. She studied Horticulture, Commerce, and Education and is a graduate of the University of Alberta. Delayne instructed business courses at post-secondary institutions and consulted in economic development and entrepreneurship over several decades. She also owned and operated a variety of successful businesses in the oil and gas service sector and financial services sectors.

Delayne is committed to implementing humanitarian aid to countries around the world as well as in her own community. For several decades, she has been involved in Social Responsibility Programs in Ethiopia, Peru and North Africa. In addition, as an active member in Rotary Canada, Delayne has worked on various international projects, including literacy programs, water and health solutions and shipping containers of textbooks and medical supplies.

Since 2009, Delayne has been instrumental in establishing and implementing CSR programs in Cambodia with Angkor Gold Corp. Canada. These programs have become precedent-setting in the Kingdom of Cambodia with federal and local governments now instituting CSR activities for all mining industries across the country. Angkor Gold’s CSR programs demonstrate a method of progress with a social conscience, ethical development and a way to build value for all stakeholders in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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