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Abram Bicksler


Abram today talks about the moral and wise application of knowledge, learning to be quiet, why technology is only going to take us so far, “crops of merit” and how humility is essential to good development.


Dr. Abram Bicksler is the Director of the ECHO Asia Impact Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. For over 30 years, ECHO has been helping thousands of development workers and organizations around the world to better access vital information and other resources needed to improve food production and security for small farmers and gardeners. Since 2009, the ECHO Asia Impact Center has been equipping and training development workers and organizations in Asia to extend relevant information, techniques, seeds, and information to improve the lives of the poor in Asia. Formerly an Instructor for the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) in Chiang Mai, Abram spent the past 4 years teaching and facilitating American undergraduate students to learn about sustainable development in the tropics. Prior to moving to Thailand, Abram completed his M.S. and a Ph.D. in environmental science at University of Illinois, which focused on the ecology and use of cover crops in sustainable vegetable production.

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A 4-min video clip about Seed Banks can be found here.