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Ryan is a passionate guy who has a PhD in geography and eco-tourism. Listen in as he talks a great deal about poverty and selfless and altruistic people and why the fact that there were over a billion people travelling the globe last year is important. He tells us why he thinks that sustainability is a three-legged stool, about creative ways to change the world and about how his successful social enterprise is changing the way people think.


Ryan was raised in Nairobi, Kenya where his parents were teachers at an international school. After returning to Canada for university, Ryan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and his Master of Arts degree in International Development. After graduation, Ryan worked in various relief and development projects throughout Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Mozambique, and it was here that Ryan gained an appreciation for the local culture, language, and challenges that are currently facing sub-Saharan Africa.

Through the combination of a semi-traumatic event in the Sudan, and the wise counsel of his Manager, Ryan ended up at the University of Waterloo in pursuit of his Ph.D. in Geography and Ecotourism. Upon completion, Ryan started lecturing at Humber College (Toronto), and guides groups of Canadians on ‘socially responsible safaris’ to East Africa a few times per year. Ryan continues to conduct participatory research amongst the indigenous Maasai communities of Kenya, focusing on the role of sustainable tourism as a tool for development.

For more information about Socially Responsible Safaris clink on the link.